Sunday, August 7, 2011

REAL SUPER HEROES: The Original Iron Man – (AKA "Götz")

You think Tony Stark was cool? Well... first of all - how cool can you be if you’re not real? (Yes, C-thru, I agree.)


But here have been real Cyborg fighters, the first of which - Gottfried Von Berlichingen (AKA "Götz") - had his right hand blown off in 1504 by a canon blast while either giving the enemy the middle finger, a thumbs up, or the “A. OK.”’s still heavily disputed. We may never know what exactly he was doing with his hand, but, the point is, much like Darth Vadar, Robocop, or Cherry Darling in “Planet Terror” Götz stuck a new improved metal limb on his body: a hand made of iron, (see illustration above) complete with spring mechanisms, buttons and levers to control the fingers. With this nifty new device he could throw a spear into a water bed, play fruit ninja with a real life sword and real life watermelon, pull the reins on his oversized pet pig, paint his toenails, and even write lyrics to pop songs down in his diary. “My Left Foot” doesn’t seem so far fetched now, does it?