Monday, January 28, 2013

The Book Claudel is Reading...

This post is in response to a multitude of viewers' questions about the book Claudel (played by Brooke Nevin) is reading in a scene from the film Alter Egos (2012, dir. Jordan Galland)

Inter-species oriented super powers, like those of Silver Sable, Wendigo and Hawkman, have long fascinated animal lovers, who gaze into the eyes of their cute tabby or panting golden retriever and long for an ever more intimate relation with their pet. And as history accumulates stories of interspecies mingling, like Florida’s Malcom Brenner and his dolphin - we can see how scholars might find evidence that some super powers are based in reality, occasionally using mainly Native American tribal sources and theological or religious texts.


In his book, St. Francis of Assisi: The First Superhero, Historian Leonardo Puccini makes an argument that the first recorded accounts of a human with animal or “nature” oriented super powers was Francis of Assissi, quoting two famous, widely witnessed incidences from an earlier manuscript, the Fioretti (“The Little Flowers,”) one in which the animal loving Saint conversed for hours with a group birds, later summoning them upon command when ever he wanted with a distinct whistle, and another tale in which Francis could call upon wolves to help in battle.

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